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Dear students i would like to inform you that ms . maram meralem   class of ( soc 101 ) + (soc 140 )  in this week are canceled   Regards  

Dear Students,

 You can access your email now by visiting UBT Website and click on E-Services then choose Student E-MAIL.

 Each UBT student’s own email is

The USERID is the same OPERA user ID

The password is the same Opera Password, but it ends with Zeros as the password digits are 9.  So, if the password for Opera is less than 9 digits, the student should insert zeros for the rest of the digits.  For example if the password is 23651, the student should put 4 zeros at the end to be 236510000 to complete 9 digits.

For any further assistance, send email to 



Dear Students, there is going to be a workshop on Wednesday the 13th of April (12:15-1:00PM) – Dream Interpretation in Arabic by: Mrs. Nahla Al Thagafi.  Please hurry to the glass Academic Support Center office across office #410 to register, SEATS ARE LIMITED! For any further inquiries please don’t hesitate to contact me (ASC Coordinator: Fathima Mahomed @ NAG249@UBT.EDU.SA

If  you are interested in volunteering in Moodle support center, and you have already used Moodle and Turnitin, please contact IT support through the email

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Academic Affairs

Dear students

kindly note that if you have attended any workshop during Business Days Event please pass by my office to receive your certificate

Afnan Nawar - Office number 434 ..

Thank you

عزيزاتي الطالبات  يعتذر الدكتور محمد نشار عن محاضرته ليوم غد الثلاثاء لوجود اي استفسار الرجاء التواصل مع إدارة الشؤون الأكاديمية  ..أستاذة :شروق 

عزيزاتي الطالبات تم تغيير كلاس الاستاذة عبير الطلحة   يوم الثلاثاء  19/9/2017 من الساعة 11:00 الى 12:15  لمادة  ACCT 350 )  cost  accounting من كلاس 126 الى 448 في مبنى الانجليزي عند وجود اي استفسار الرجاء التوجه الى مكتب الشؤون الاكاديمية  أستاذة شروق